Express F.I.T. (Far Infrared Technology) BodyWrap
  Bella Vidas Express F.I.T. (Far Infrared Technology) BodyWrap Bella Vidas Express F.I.T. (Far Infrared Technology) BodyWrap

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Express F.I.T. BodyWrap
  What in the world is an Express F.I.T. BodyWrap?

It is EXACTLY what we have been hoping and searching for! It is a very easy way to lose inches, tone up, burn calories (up to 1400 per hour!) and so, so much more. The Express F.I.T. BodyWrap is the solution to a leaner, more fit body and a healthier life. All you do is relax! Bella Vidas technicians and the Express F.I.T. BodyWrap process takes care of everything. Well, ALMOST everything ….there is one little thing you have to do. You have to call Bella Vidas to book your appointment!

The process:

1. Undress to your comfort level.
2. Exfoliate you with a special solution.
3. Lay down.
4. Get wrapped, cocoon style, in a gauze type sheet.
5. Take a nap, listen to music or watch TV for 30 to 60 minutes.

That’s it folks, No jokes, no gimmicks, no bull. Burn up to 1400 calories just that easy.

  How It Works

The Bella Vidas Express F.I.T. BodyWrap works in a three step system. The first step in the Express F.I.T. BodyWrap is exfoliation with a special solution containing pumice to exfoliate and special enzymes to create a barrier on your skin to make your body work harder to produce sweat. Making the body work harder to cool down by sweating has the added benefit of burning additional calories.

The second step in our system is a layer of gauze-like cloth soaked in our Bella Vidas special blend of seaweed, herbs and minerals that is wrapped snugly around the client inside of the Express F.I.T. BodyWrap Blanket. Wrapping has a squeezing effect on the lymphatic system which triggers it to work harder to pump out the unwanted toxins. This layer contains the same solution that is used in the Bella Vidas Total Health Wrap which is a proprietary blend of ingredients that helps the detoxification process.

The final step is caused by the far infrared heat of the Express F.I.T. BodyWrap. The heat from an Express F.I.T. BodyWrap actually breaks stored fat down and converts it into fatty acids that are used by your muscles for energy. As the F.I.T. BodyWrap heats your body, you begin to sweat to cool down. This sweat is fueled by the energy from the converted fatty acids, thus burning calories once stored as fat. The sweat also carries the toxins that have been expressed from the fat cells out of the body with it. Both the fatty acids and the displaced toxins will continue to leave the body for up to 3 days. The key to extending the loss beyond the initial BodyWrap will be in how much water you drink. So, drink no less than half your body weight in ounces or 80 ounces whichever is higher. Drink! Drink! Drink! Bye-Bye fat!

Bella Vidas Express F.I.T. (Far Infrared Technology) BodyWrap Benefits include:

Smoothed away cellulite
Faster metabolism
Body detoxification of chemicals and impurities
Skin tone and elasticity improvement
Reduced pain and stress
Inch loss
Burn Calories

Do you LIKE to sweat?

Most of us go out of our way NOT to break a sweat.

Antiperspirants, artificial environments, smog, synthetic clothing, and a relatively idle physical lifestyle will clog skin pores and inhibit the healthy flow of sweat. As you will learn, sweat can reverse a lot of detrimental side effects such as toxin build up in tissue, joints and fat cells! Sweat not only cools your body, but it acts as a garbage collector. Sweat out the toxins and your body will thank you by feeling better. Less stiff joints, less muscle pain, and less fat are your reward for just a little time laying down and relaxing! Imagine that….just lay down, relax and sweat away the garbage; sweat away the pounds!

Go ahead, break a Sweat!

Relaxing in an Express F.I.T BodyWrap could be the most vigorous activity you’ve had all day! The heat produces an artificial “fever” and every organ of your body jumps into action. While you look and feel relaxed, your inner organs are as active as though you were jogging or swimming. At the same time, your body is being cleansed from the inside out by your skin, which is busy sweating to get rid of all that waste.

Ninety-nine percent of what sweat leaves on the surface of your skin is water. The remaining one percent is that undesirable waste.
Sweating is such an effective de-toxifier that it even draws out lactic acid which causes stiff muscles and contributes to general fatigue.
Sweat also flushes out toxic metals such as copper, lead, zinc, and mercury, which your body absorbs in polluted environments. Sweating can remove the daily build up of heavy metals from your body that would normally take your kidneys 24 hours or more to eliminate.

Detox: hype or reality?

We are all born with fat cells. We don’t grow new ones over our lifetime; we simply keep overfilling the ones we have. Think about fat cells in your body when you were a baby as small, dried raisins. Though the years of our life toxins surround the inner membrane of fat cells, fat is trapped inside and can not migrate through the barrier of toxins surrounding the cell walls. Now we have turned our raisins into grapes! By expelling toxins, you clear the way for the fat to escape the cells and viola…..grapes become raisins once again! Inches and pounds are lost in the process.